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It's one of those tasks that seems to live at the bottom of the to-do list but the lead up to Winter is the perfect time to do a wardrobe cull! We did our own little closet cull in preparation for the cooler months and it was oh so therapeutic! 

Nothing quite beats that sense of clarity when you remove any form of clutter from your life and we are here to make the potentially overwhelming task simple with our top tips on closet culling!


If its broken, ripped, ill-fitting or stained...throw it! You aren't going to wear it so there's no point giving up valuable closet space!


Some things are worth saving and if you truly love a piece but it needs a little TLC, pop it in the alterations pile. The items in this pile MUST make their way swiftly to a mending place however!


If its been a while since you've worn some items but you aren't quite ready to let go, store them away from sight and if you don't go searching for them for another 3 months then we think it's pretty safe to say they won't be missed!


Unless an item falls into category one (ie. ripped, stained etc.) then be sure to donate it to your local charity store - you'll be doing your part for the community!


For all of those items that no longer have a home in your cupboard but are a little too good to donate, head to EBAY (or Facebook, Gumtree etc.) and pop them up for sale. You can cull and make a little $$ back at the same time!


Once you have gone through the culling stage it is just as important to re-organise the items in your cupboard that are staying - it makes getting ready a breeze and reduces the number of 'nothing to wear' complaints that tend to arise prior to an event! (It's a girl thing!) 

We strongly recommend organising your wardrobe into categories by grouping dresses together, bottoms together, tops together and so on. It is a huge time saver!

If you are feeling super dedicated (which we were during our cull), you can also go back through and colour code each category. You'll feel an intense amount of joy every time you open those cupboard doors, trust us!

Another great tip is to head to Kmart and buy a bunch of matching clothes hangers. Having the same hangers throughout creates a seriously organised look and feel!

Once we finished our cull we went back through and did a mini assessment of the pieces in our wardrobe and made a list of any staple pieces that were missing! Winter is the perfect time to stock up on staples as layering becomes a necessity so having great functional bases is a must! 

Our Dylan Leather Jacket in black is a wardrobe staple for winter and the perfect piece to add after a closet cull! Shop HERE

We would love to know if you follow our tips and have your own closet cull - we promise it's worth it!


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